We aim to holistically empower SOUTH AFRICAN WOMEN through our networking and empowerment platform in such a way that they can stand and compete confidently and proudly South African on a global scale.


Woman of Stature is a platform for women from all walks of life.

We are committed to empowering women to live their purpose and reach their full potential. 

Woman of Stature provides a source of opportunities and information where women connect and share knowledge and skills.

Our four major projects are:


To impact the lives of South African women by empowering them to achieve their PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL and FINANCIAL GOALS.


To offer a platform to all South African women, that EMPOWERS, ENABLES, EDUCATES, UPSKILLS, CONNECTS and SUPPORTS




At Woman of Stature it is our intention to help our members grow and flourish


A Culture of Gratitude

‘To Those Who Are Grateful – More Will Be Given’


  1. Lynn Hill:  Thank you!  As a Life Coach, your hugs and you believing in me, made me to believe in my own healing. Stay blessed.
  2. Claudine:  Thank you for helping me understand how the 3 brains  works. This helps me to explain it to other people how I am able to control the hallucinations and how these 3 brains are powerful. Stay blessed.
  3. Yoke:  Thank you for giving me a bootcamp presentation session. On Saturday I applied what you taught me. I nailed it.  I got a thumbs up from my Money Coach, an International Toastmaster winner 2015 and 2016. Stay blessed.
  4. Jeanette Davids:  Thank you for helping me believe in my healing journey and not to take it lightly. I honestly did not believe I can inspire people. Stay blessed.
  5. Pam Green:  Thank you for the Master class last Tuesday and today’s sessions on social media management. I am overwhelmed with so much knowledge in such a short time, on how to build my social media brand. See you soon. Stay blessed.

Feedback on the Nedbank Woman of Stature 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey

  1. Saffron:  Thank you so much for your knowledge and for helping me understand more of what I do,  especially about the Chakras and the body sensation. I included what you have taught us about feeling the sensation in our bodies. My Money Coach was blown away and not forgetting the teenager I was helping. Stay blessed.
  2. Brent:  Thank you for reminding me about stress and what it does to our bodies. I used that in the presentation of Saturday. This is the feedback I got : “Mali, you are a breath of fresh air” from lots of women and my Money Coach.

Thank you so much Ilona, Charlotte and Woman of Stature for helping me grow in such a short space of time.”

– Mali Ramara

By creating connectedness within Woman of Stature we intend to help you expand your network, grow your business and facilitate connections with people that may irrevocably change your life forever.

Our request to you is for a simple gesture of gratitude so that we can keep doing more of what we do. If you ever benefit in any way or make a connection with someone or something through Woman of Stature that benefits you, please send us a message, WhatsApp, SMS or Email and let us know!

It can read … “Thank you Woman of Stature! I made a connection. I met …………………………… who has helped me ……………………….”

It’s as simple as that!

Let’s create a culture of GRATITUDE at Woman of Stature and keep in motion the circulation of everything that is good and right in the world.

With much love, light and gratitude

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