New Strategic Partnership concluded

 In General

Paklite South Africa designs and imports a stunning range of travel luggage.

Luggage today has evolved to become more than just a suitcase to carry your belongings.
Style, Quality and Innovation are key components in our design philosophy.

Paklite strives to design luggage for the experienced traveller that is innovative, fashionable, practical and exceptional value. We remain focused on the evolution of our product by being in the forefront of market trends and new development.
Since 1961, Paklite remains ‘THE BEST IN ANY CASE’.

Among their important range is BRIC’s, VICTORNINOX, HEDGREN, CARRARO.

The partnership with Paklite South Africa was concluded to offer Woman of Stature members a high quality product at affordable prices.

It also opens up an opportunity for members with an entrepreneurial spirit to become an agent.

Just another token of our commitment to our members.


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