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Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: 'Woman in Media'

Bohlokwa Hloki Matlosa is a Media Studies graduate with a major in radio and she also holds a diploma in Public Relations. She is currently a radio content producer on SAfmRadio and a Plus-size model. After interning at SAfmRadio she produced Intune (The Youth Show) on weekends and now produces Afternoon Talk with Ashraf Garda on Weekdays, 14:00 – 16:00. She has been producing the show since January 2015.

“As a radio producer all I want to do is tell great stories and inspire listeners through other people’s amazing life journeys and experiences.’’ 

CANDICE DAVIES – Groove Inc – Audio and Video Services
Groove Inc. Productions, based in Johannesburg, South Africa provides a range of professional audio and video services to people and companies from all over South Africa and Internationally. The team leading Groove Inc. Productions, are Martin and Candice. Enthusiastic and driven to make sure you receive the best quality and service for all your needs whether they are big or small.

The recording studio is run by an experienced, qualified and talented Sound Engineer with over 15 years in the Music Industry as both an engineer and a musician. The video production is run by an experienced and qualified videographer, editor, director who has experience in all areas involved in video recording and production.

Whether you are a band or musician looking to record a Demo CD, record a complete Album, or a company looking to improve your digital media presence and want to create content for your website or video advertising for your website, Facebook Page or Youtube etc. Groove Inc Productions has the perfect set up and team to attend to your every need and offer you an all in service.
+27 11 886 0118 / +27 79 693 3326
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: 'Woman in Media'

Over the last 4 years, Cherise was personally responsible for writing, producing and directing a TV series for children in Africa, called KidsHubTV. This television series was aimed at teaching children good moral and social values in a fun and meaningful manner. Cherise’s vision was to use non-professionals from local communities, so that they would have an opportunity to be trained in media skills “on the job”.  Not only were all nine of the children on set amateurs, Cherise and her team of production staff also trained each one of the presenters in basic presenting and media skills, thereby providing them with invaluable skills for school and life. The children were exposed to media skills, such as camera operation, sound and assisting in other production tasks. The TV series was broadcast in South Africa, Malawi and Kenya, and was recently highlighted at the Global Children’s Forum as the standard by which children’s programmes can be produced.  This television series gave birth to a number of other initiatives that are aimed at making an impact for children in the media industry, and empowering the leaders of tomorrow.
+27 83 395 4588
CINDY DIAMOND – Group Sales Director, Mediamark
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: 'Woman in Media'

Cindy’s life draws a parallel to her surname, Diamond, in that it is multi-faceted, but each facet plays an equally important role in her life.  Starting off her career over 20 years ago with a degree in psychology, Cindy’s drive for understanding the human psyche still remains her passion and has set her in good stead in all areas of her life.

As Mediamark’s Group Sales Director and one of the founders, Cindy Diamond leads top sales teams tasked to craft multichannel advertising solutions for brands. Cindy has been instrumental in Mediamark’s transformation from a radio sales house to a media results company drawing on the benefits of radio, digital, TV, content and events, including events and activations. Under her management, Mediamark has won numerous industry awards, recognising their sales excellence, innovation and successful campaign results.
ELEANORE JANNETTI – Honey Fashion Consultant
Honey Fashion Accessories is a dynamic, exciting and innovative direct selling company. We market an extensive, affordable, exciting and high-quality range of fashion accessories on a direct-to-customer basis. Our vision is to make women look and feel good! We have a dream to develop a great direct selling company in South Africa through quality products, service and innovation, and to provide a sustainable business opportunity for anyone, anywhere.

+27 82 372 1335
ELRIKE JANSE VAN RENSBURG – ENJO South Africa – Cleaning Products

ENJO is an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative that helps you to eliminate up to 90% of your chemical usage in your home and office, while being more effective than traditional cleaning methods.
Think about it! Converting your household to ENJO will even make your monthly shopping easier, as you can skip the harmful chemicals isle in the supermarket, and saving you monthly on your cleaning expenses.
+27 86 001 7401
+27 11 568 1827
FAHEEMA MOHAMED – Restore Health Water
We are passionate about people and treat our clients like family. Only through the support of family can one grow and fulfill a higher purpose. With this in mind, we have started marketing the business through family and friends and they have been drinking the A.I.M (Alkaline. Ionised. Mineral.) water for months and have all testified to the benefits of Restore Health Water powered by Chanson.

+27 11 701 5023
Gail works with an international company and small to medium businesses who are looking to expand their market share locally and play in the global market.

+27 83 287 5090
HELEN DESBOIS – Showbiz in Full HD, Editor in Chief
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Category Winner: Woman in Media

I am a passionate, driven, creative person who strives to be the best in everything I do whilst exploring every aspect of my field.

I have been in the entertainment industry for 20 years and performed on stage, television, film and radio locally and internationally.

+27 84 555 9877
JEANETTE DAVID – PR & Communications Director, Hashtag South Africa
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: Woman in Media

Jeanette Charmaine David is a Publicist, Humanitarian, Motivational Speaker and Inspirational blog'ger, Social Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Peak Performance and Transformation Practitioner, single mom to 3 adult children, and is currently writing her first autobiography.

Jeanette explains that social media is an integral part of today's society, the very fabric upon which our society is being built, so why not use this platform to promote positive instead of negative, to educate, inspire, bring awareness, raise hope and create lasting change. She has been approached to host her own television talk show "Living On Purpose with Jeanette David”.  The talk show will be a platform that will make a positive difference and inspire the viewers to take better control of their destinies, hence the slogan "Living On Purpose". The guests that appear on the show will reveal how they aligned their struggles, challenges and mountaintop experiences to their purpose, spreading the message of hope to a national and international audience.
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