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BRENDA HURLE-HILL – Beautiful Life – Beauty and Image Consultant
I am extremely passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with others in the hope that I can inspire all South African women to rise up using their gentle feminine POWER. Besides being a hands-on Beauty and Skincare Therapist, I am also a professionally trained ‘Image and Styling’ Consultant.
+27 83 299 1240
CLAUDINA HAFENSCHER – Annique Health and Beauty
'Uplifting communities by eradicating the hopelessness of being jobless'

I am:  An innovator, giver and teacher
My purpose on earth is:  To inspire and motivate people by sharing my skills, knowledge and experience, through Training, Facilitating and sharing of business opportunities
I value: Passion, honesty and challenges

+27 82 802 5941
DI THOMPSON – Dimanzi South Africa
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: Entrepreneur of the Year

With her vast experience Di saw an opportunity to create a fine fragrance produced in SA, but with the essential oils coming from Grasse in France, home to all the world’s greatest perfumes!! At the end of last year, after 2 years of research and hard work, Di and her team created DIMANZI EAU DE PARFUM ( di for her name and manzi the Zulu word for water) embracing the same quality and standards of leading international brands, but at more competitive prices!!... the aim was to create a  fragrance which embodies real French Chic and aligning it with our enchanting African Spirit!!..  DIMANZI EAU DE PARFUM is for that woman who is energetic and spirited, but also classy and elegant!!....To quote the iconic COCO CHANEL ... "Always keep your HEELS and your standards HIGH"!
+27 83 675 2952
ELEANORE JANNETTI – Honey Fashion Consultant
Honey Fashion Accessories is a dynamic, exciting and innovative direct selling company. We market an extensive, affordable, exciting and high-quality range of fashion accessories on a direct-to-customer basis. Our vision is to make women look and feel good! We have a dream to develop a great direct selling company in South Africa through quality products, service and innovation, and to provide a sustainable business opportunity for anyone, anywhere.

+27 82 372 1335
FAHEEMA MOHAMED – Restore Health Water
We are passionate about people and treat our clients like family. Only through the support of family can one grow and fulfill a higher purpose. With this in mind, we have started marketing the business through family and friends and they have been drinking the A.I.M (Alkaline. Ionised. Mineral.) water for months and have all testified to the benefits of Restore Health Water powered by Chanson.

+27 11 701 5023
FLAVIA SENKUBUGE, DR. – Junior Vice President, College of Universities / Specialist Public Health Medicine
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: Woman in Healthcare
+27 83 402 4497
ISHANA MAHARAJ – Sophrology South Africa
Having studied Sophrology at a leading institution in Geneva, Switzerland, I personally experienced the benefits of this journey.  I could not help asking myself, “Why did I not know about this earlier in my life, a time when I needed to cope with all the stress, challenges and demands of life?”  I always believe that things happen for a reason. 

Returning to my home in South Africa as a Sophrology Practitioner, being a Mum of 3 children (son-17yrs & twin girls 10yrs of age), I felt blessed with a “gift”.  A special gift to share with people of South Africa.

As the first Sophrologist in Johannesburg, my ultimate passion is to create an awareness, help, support, share my knowledge and experiences of this phenomenal wellness technique, with people. My role is to coach and guide individuals or groups of people.

+27 82 799 4311
JUDEY PRETORIUS, DR. – BioMedical Emporium
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: Woman in Healthcare

Dr Judey is a highly accomplished Biochemical Scientist and Product Development Specialist. She has substantial experience in the disciplines of acute, chronic and post-surgical wound healing, regenerative medicine, and cell therapy. She holds a Master’s degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology followed by a Ph.D. degree in in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Drug and Development Design.

Dr Judey is the co-founder of Biomedical Emporium, a biotechnology company that specialises in the formulation of advanced biological products, cell culture processes and tissue engineering for advanced wound healing. She is also an advisory on regenerative medicine. She has made unique formulation discoveries, which have had a profound influence on the course of new developments in aesthetic and wound care treatment.
+27 83 375 4934
KYARA BERGSTROM – Pink Parasol Project
Woman of Stature ‘Woman of the Year 2018’ Finalist: Woman in Healthcare

Kyara Bergstrom is Chief Operating Officer of the Pink Parasol.

"Our website is designed to help the patient locate a practitioner or therapist to aid them in their cancer journey. To ease the difficulties a patient faces on the path that they embark on. As the saying goes, knowledge is power and here we hope to give you the information you need to empower yourself on your cancer journey."

I have visions for how I want the Pink Parasol to grow and I would like to reach all communities. There's not enough information and support for complementary therapies and we need to start raising awareness that there are treatments that can help you get through your chemo, surgery, radiation etc.

+27 82 887 8268
MALI RAMARA – Mali Ramara Mind Body Nutrition
Mission: Connecting people to their true Health

Maleburu Ramara is a Brain Lupus survivor, Speaker, a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Sports Nutritionist, Alternative Weightloss teacher, Silent Meditation teacher and Mind Body Nutrition coach and consultant.
+27 71 225 4847
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