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ANUSHA SINGH – IIWNF – Trailblazer, Social Entrepreneur, Businesswoman

ANUSHA SINGH – IIWNF – Trailblazer, Social Entrepreneur, Businesswoman
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: Woman in Community

I am grateful for my experiential life journey and as I navigated the different landscapes ,my life purpose unfolded whilst I delivered my mother's eulogy and International Inspiring Women Network Foundation was birthed to rebuild the feminine energy. Our feminine energy is not separate as our cultures often positions logic as king, our academic, corporate, business and spiritual inner work  The emotional and spiritual connection with inner work are fuel for empowerment and extraordinary worldly achievement!

I am passionate about accelerating the pace of change in our Youth and Women by sharing my unique practical wisdom gained through my diverse  experiences gained in Corporate and as an Entrepreneur. I believe through collaboration and collectivism we can change and impact more lives.

As the Founding President of IIWNF, President of VRP , we have begun to break the poverty cycle and build empowered communities through our NGO programs:

Youth Education Programme (YEP) to equip 400 000 youth emotionally to build a better life.
Vintage Recycling Programme (VRP) to provide training and craft skills to    establish 3000 microenterprises.


My message to every woman is:

" Powerful Woman, YOU reach deep into your power of vulnerability and authenticity! Permit yourself to be real, to rise up to your full potential! IIWNF embraces you, honours you, celebrates you, and urges you to accept your past without regrets, handle your present with confidence, face your future without fear! That's the way to live, really live, wouldn't you say?"


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ANUSHA SINGH – IIWNF – Trailblazer, Social Entrepreneur, Businesswoman

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